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eyeforpharma Japan 2018 Commercial Excellence 11th Annual|May 16-17, 2018

Key topics to be covered:

We are currently putting together the agenda for the 2018 event, contact Anza ( for more details

Do you really know your customer? Gain a deeper market understanding to predict customer behavior and determine where to add value
  • In their shoes: find ways to enable your staff to simulate customer’s concerns internally, to experience a real understanding of the disease and the effectiveness of your solutions
  • Are you one of your doctor’s trusted partners? Identify how doctors wish to communicate; then align with their preferences
  • The next level of patient empowerment: comprehend your patient’s concerns and join their fight for improved wellbeing
Create a comprehensive database: make better decisions and open more doors with more reliable customer data
  • Adopt internal data governance rules to improve co-ordination – organize your knowledge to avoid paying for multiple data sources
  • Do more than measuring sales: drive outcomes by measuring and understanding what really creates customers
  • See how rep’s iPads were upgraded to enable harmonization of data capture and improve the reliability of customer insights
Enhance customer engagement through digital innovation: determine which technologies will get you ahead
  • How digital marketing enhances your promotion strategy: where can Japan ‘leapfrog’ by borrowing from global experience?
  • Improve diagnostics and adherence through Artificial Intelligence: a practical guide to benefitting from this innovation
  • From a traditional to a digital patient journey: how to understand, influence and support patients through social media and other tools
From mass-market to targeted: improve your conversion rate with a more sophisticated approach
  • Implement pull-marketing techniques to become your customer’s favorite knowledge source
  • Make your rep messaging and marketing materials scientifically sound in order to ensure trust, safety, reliability and authenticity
  • Connect the dots for your customers: move beyond product-centric thinking and assist the doctor to provide the right medicine, in the right way
  • Sell what your customer wants: keep aligned with existing customers and educate prospective customers to recognize the superior value you offer through marketing automation
Introduce smarter thinking into your sales force: go beyond simple sales techniques so that MRs become the customer representatives of the future
  • A focus on niche/speciality care sales techniques – understand how MRs should adapt
  • The new communication mix between MRs and MSLs – how to get the balance right
  • Devise new KPIs which incentivize the future requirements and capabilities of your MRs
  • Determine whether sales skills are the defining factor in the future MR – and whether certain parts of the role should now be automated in order to focus elsewhere

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