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Key topics to be covered:

We are currently putting together the agenda for the 2018 event, contact Anza ( for more details

Do you really know your customer? Gain a deeper market understanding to predict physician behavior and determine where to add value
  1. Put yourself in their shoes: find ways to simulate customer’s concerns internally in order to witness the real effectiveness of your propositions
  2. Who are your doctor’s trusted partners? Identify how doctors wish to receive information and then align with their expectations
  3. Patient empowerment: listen and comprehend your patient’s concerns in order to fight for their wellbeing
Create a comprehensive database: open doors by using more reliable data to support your marketing and sales decisions
  1. Adopt internal data governance rules to overcome a lack of co-ordination – organize your knowledge and avoid paying for multiple data sources
  2. Measure outcomes, not sales: understand why patients convert or don't convert to your customers
  3. Create the platform and monitor the trend: Build a master data through iPad contents
Enhance customer engagement through digital innovation: work out which technologies will get you ready for the future of communication
  1. Integrate digital marketing with your promotion strategy: which examples can Japan take from global experience?
  2. Improve diagnostics and adherence through Artificial Intelligence: a practical guide to benefitting from this innovation
  3. From a traditional to a digitally-powered patient journey: how to understand, reach and influence patients through social media and other popular platforms
  4. Become the bridge between doctors and customers: how can you use digital methods to help the health of society?
Build in flexibility to sustain growth and performance: ensure your commercial model can adapt to changing market conditions and remain profitable
  1. What’s coming? Identify the upcoming external factors that will influence your strategy – and how to respond
  2. Map the future of Community-based healthcare: and plan the best organizational structure accordingly
  3. Cope with pricing challenges: ensure your model is able to demonstrate value of higher price product
Go from mass-market to targeted: improve conversion rate with a more sophisticated approach
  1. Implement pull-marketing techniques to eventually become your customer’s favorite knowledge source
  2. Ensure your rep messaging and marketing materials are scientifically-sound in order to ensure safety and reliability in your promotional strategy
  3. Connecting the dots for your customers: see your role as assisting the doctor to provide the right medicine to the patient in the right way – and move beyond product-centric thinking
  4. Sell what your customer wants: keep in tune with existing customers and educate prospective customers to recognise the value you offer
Introduce greater agility and smart thinking into your sales force: ensure your MRs go beyond simple sales techniques to become the customer representatives of the future
  1. Devise new KPIs which incentivise the future requirements and capabilities of your MRs
  2. Debate: What is the future role of the MR? Is sales skill still the key factor? Which parts of the role should be automated?
  3. A focus on speciality care sales techniques – understand how should MRs adapt
  4. The new communication mix between MR and MSL

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