Prove payer value during early drug development

  • Build commercial endpoints into clinical trials – Novartis and the best of big pharma share how payer insight has provided robust development plans.
  • Enable clinical and commercial teams to work together toward joint goals – with cases from Baxter, GSK and Celgene.
  • Enhance your solutions for unmet need with Real World Data. Hear from the ABPI Task Force.
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research – find out how pharma companies and payers are working together to build clinical studies that prove value and align to un-met need.
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Our hand-picked speakers include:

Four reasons to attend:

  • Hear from your payer: Confirmed list includes, the EMA, NHS, NICE, HAS, AMNOG, IQWIG, UK Department of Health, EUnetHTA and Santesuisse. Find out which questions they need the answers to in order to cost reimburse your product.
  • Local and Regional detail - Build a clear picture of what your market looks like and develop products that better the current gold standard.
  • Get the right Data - be in the position to base your clinical development on sound market need information. Plan today and succeed tomorrow.
  • Bio Pharma case studies - find out how the industry leaders are concentrating on payer focused clinical development programmes.
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Download NowDownload the Brochure and Timed Agenda
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Having played a part in the ideas stage I am so glad to see that the summit has developed a programme that will meet my requirments to strenghthen the commercial objectives. Not only for future delevopment programmes, but also help my business unit to shape our existing pipeline to suit.

Clinical Development Director, Roche

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Oliver Wyman UBC