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Day 1: March 13th - 3:15pm - 4:20pm

Day 2: March 14th - 12:10pm - 1:15pm

On March 13th and 14th we invite pharma delegates only to join one of the below interactive workshops. These workshops will offer hands on learning and interactive discussion.

Workshops get full very quickly so please select your options ASAP. To view the full workshop description click on each workshop dropdown button.

Day 1: March 13th, 2018

The care models of tomorrow will be increasingly centered on prevention and wellness, focused on outcomes, driven by data, and connected and enabled through technology. Patients will be the focal point, and expectations and preferences will develop around coordination, integration and healthcare on-demand. How should pharma relate to these new models of care? What is the industry’s role? How will the changes impact the way pharma engages customers, delivers outcomes and supports better care?

Join us for an interactive symposium with distinguished panellists from payer, provider, patient and pharma organizations to discuss the impact of the care of tomorrow:

  • Discuss practical examples of digitization of care and where we are likely to see disruption
  • Understand how the move towards outcomes-based care is changing the way care is delivered
  • Gain strategic insights into the challenges and opportunities for pharma in evolving care models

Callum Caldwell, Managing Consultant, PA Consulting Group

Pharma has always been complex, but in recent years, priorities have been pitted against each other:

  • Innovation vs. Reimbursement vs. Prescription
  • MSLs vs. Sales Reps vs. Digital Channels
  • HCPs vs. Patients vs. Profits

This challenges a company's ability to focus and align across teams and geographies. Join us in this workshop to take part in a competitive simulation to address how to prioritize decisions, information needs, and resources.

Antonio Pregueiro, Vice President, HighPoint Solutions

During this interactive workshop we will collaborate to understand your current multichannel engagement pain points and work together to overcome the challenges you are facing today in engaging with HCPs. Together we will explore:

  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be leveraged for multichannel (MC) engagement programs to provide channel insights which effectively engage Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)?
  • How we leverage AI&ML capabilities to provide engaging content for HCPs on Univadis?
  • How we optimize the channel selection for clients by understanding HCPs MC behaviour?

Houda Kamoun-Fallot, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Aptus Health

Relevant content and engagement are at the heart of an outstanding customer experience. Take the guesswork out with insights to improve outcomes for marketing and sales.

Join our interactive session to:

  • Learn how integrating customer engagement with content puts customers at the centre of your marketing strategy
  • Discover how to develop a content strategy and benchmark your progress towards an integrated digital supply chain
  • Understand how to better use interaction channels at different stages of the customer journey

Jan van den Burg, Vice President, Commercial Strategy, Veeva Europe
David Bennett, Vice President, Commercial Content Strategy, Veeva Europe

Regular pharmaceutical brand plans should be the vehicle whereby teams revisit their understanding of the market, healthcare professionals and patients. Plans should enable the creation of a compelling marketing strategy, investment case and robust revenue forecasts. All too often, it’s an exercise in template completion and box ticking.

In this highly interactive workshop, we will explore how to fix broken brand planning. They will cover:

  • Identify what senior pharma leaders want to get out of brand planning – and what they actually receive
  • Understand the full spectrum of brand planning approaches and highlight how marketing leaders are innovating to drive greater value
  • Use benchmarking to improve brand plan quality and identify priority improvement areas
  • Discover practical steps that you can take away to improve your plans

Join Novasecta principals Ed Corbett and Brian McGee and discover how you can breath new life into your brand planning.

Brian McGee, Principle, Novasecta
Ed Corbett, Principle, Novasecta

From patient screening to medication promotion and treatment adherence:

  • Discover how to bring together field forces and digital/social solutions in a new omni-channel paradigm
  • Maximise ROI by leveraging data analytics, predictive modeling and marketing automation
  • Explore and discuss with clients real business case studies that delivered tangible results

Jerome Stevens, Managing Director, Direct Medica

Day 2: March 14th, 2018

How Human are your communications? Frustrated with a “one size fits all” approach to your tactics? Join our Humanising healthcare communications workshop to get up-close and personal with our framework and see how it could impact you.

  • Discuss how to identify different audience personas, their motivations and barriers to change
  • Look for deeper insights and develop more contextualised programmes
  • Learn directly from a case study presentation from Edwards Lifesciences and interactive group activities

Helen Hey, Executive Director, Ashfield Healthcare Communications

We live in a digital world, so having a website is a necessity. However, it can be easy to forget WHY you have a website and WHAT you want to achieve with it. In this interactive workshop that includes a 20 minute hands-on exercise, you will learn how to structure your approach to web analytics – ensuring success without wasting valuable resources. 

You will learn how to:

  • Determine website goals, set KPIs, and analyse the right data points
  • Use a framework on how to best apply analytics in your organisation
  • Apply website analytics to facilitate a successful digital transformation

By joining this workshop, you can benchmark yourself against your competition, gauge exactly how digital you are now, and see the next steps you can take on your digital journey.

Søren Laumand, Analytics Product Expert, Siteimprove

Be prepared to get results

Technology has made success measurable. Whether it’s time-to-market, contextual customer engagement and real-time data insight - digital transformation is no longer optional.

But how can you begin to priorities your investments to create a compelling, seamless customer experience for patients and HCPs?

This session will help you identify potential pitfalls and considerations to better evaluate your readiness for digital transformation. We’ll also identify the common traits and strategic needs that make this essential. 

Join us for a discussion on:

  • Demystifying digital: Navigating process and technology to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Strategy: Your HCPs/Patients have standards, we’ll help you identify and meet them.
  • The future: What’s next for digital? Understand your capabilities and define a roadmap.

Mathias Berg, Vice President- Digital Experience & Solutions, Epsilon

In this interactive session you will discover how improve your content creation though bringing together powerful technology, streamlined vendor collaboration, precise budgeting and content localization. Join us for this workshop where we will:

  • Explore how to unify all the stakeholders within one platform for optimizing content development on the basis of templating approach
  • Understand how to speed up time-to-market with automatic content publishing to Veeva Vault PromoMats, CRM etc.
  • Learn how to ensure the transparency of budget allocation and prediction (with reduced costs on adopting the ready-made digital content by the affiliates)
  • Discover the nuances of commercial assets production, minimize risks and accelerating digital supply chain

Nataliya Andreychuk, Chief Executive Officer, Viseven

You probably feel it. Product launch has never been tougher thanks to intense competition and global uncertainty. Moreover, there are significant mistakes to avoid* including; confusing product messages, lack of distinct benefits and a product that fails to meet expectations. The pressure is on, and it can be a minefield.

Well, prepare to think differently! By equipping all the people that champion your message with cutting edge digital learning, your product can shine in every communication and fuel launch success.

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Identify current approaches to learning communications and spot limitations
  • Learn how human centred design flips the paradigm from content push to need-pull
  • Employ storytelling to increase empathy and create truly patient-centric content
  • Explore new technologies to tailor messages for both internal and external audiences
  • Discover how continuous learning at the point of need helps people embed essential product knowledge – and works

This is your chance to overhaul ‘traditional’ launch thinking, upskill your ambassadors in more effective ways and put people at the heart of the experience.

Kate Pasterfield, Head of Innovation, Sponge UK

*Harvard Business Review

The increasingly digital world that we live in requires us to consider the future more than ever before. Digital is about changing old models and using channels and tactics that will create greater impact for your customer but this can challenge your organisation in unexpected ways. Digital transformation is not a new topic but it is one that has proven to continue to be a challenge for the pharma industry.

At Anthill we believe that digital transformation is a journey. A journey that only begins to truly come to life when you get the fundamentals right. Only then can your organisation grow in a way that prepares it to challenge the status quo and compete in the changing landscape of pharma.

Leave this workshop with:

  • A peek at some of the insights from our industry-wide digital maturity survey - identifying pains, as well as potential gains possible for your organisation
  • Practical and approachable elements to reframe how you think about your marketing planning
  • Inspiring examples of tactics that will elevate customer experiences and your marketing impact

Sabien Kuhn, Chief Commercial Officer, Anthill Agency
Sari Ruth Carter, Digital Strategist, Anthill Agency

Patient behaviors are central to the success of any treatment program. A recent paper in the Journal Digital Medicine concluded that the ‘most successful studies tend to be coupled with some behavioral intervention’, and that ‘digital health is not a computer science or and engineering science; it’s a social and behavioral science’. But how do you integrate behavior change interventions into your Patient Support Program?

You will leave the session with learnings on;

  • Translating behavioral science into digital behavior change interventions
  • Mapping digital behavior change interventions on to the patient journey
  • Testing the efficacy of digital behavior change interventions prior to deployment in your service

We hope you will join us for this hands on session where participants will work through translating theory into practice, while gaining a firsthand understanding of how behavioral interventions can be delivered to provide continuous and personalized support across patient populations.

Jim O’Donoghue, Vice President, S3 Connected Health

Siri, virtual reality, IBM Watson, remote E-detailing, Amazon, virtual patient consultations; the digital tools and technologies impacting today’s HCP are evolving at a rapid pace. How is a pharma marketer to determine which investments will flourish, and which will flop?

Join DRG Digital/Manhattan Research’s team of HCP marketing experts for an interactive workshop on when, where, and how pharma should utilize new vs. existing digital platforms to maximize the value of messaging to global physicians. This workshop will include a presentation of findings from DRG’s brand new European and global physician studies, with a group Q&A discussion.

  • Learn how pharma marketers can cut through the hype of Siri, virtual reality, Amazon and more to determine which HCP engagement strategies will flourish or flop
  • Determine when, where and how you should utilize new vs. existing digital platforms
  • Be one of the first to receive the results of our new European and global physician studies

Jeff Wray, Director, Europe & APAC Research, DRG Digital
Jeff Greene, VP, Digital Strategy & Insights, DRG Digital


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