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“The eyeforpharma Awards recognize what really matters in the pharmaceutical industry: providing the maximum value to the greatest number of patients. This unique event galvanizes our industry, propelling it in the right direction. I encourage companies and leaders to support and enter – and, just as urgently, to applaud our colleagues who are shining a positive light on the industry as a r esult of the work they do.”

Christi Shaw, Former US President, Novartis. Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016

This is the one that matters; the award ceremony that the CEOs and the patients come to, the one that transforms your career and the lives of so many.

These days, everyone talks about customer focus; about patient centricity, about innovation and mindset. You’re not everyone. You’re not talking about it. You are doing it, making headway, changing outcomes. You are the example of the industry doing what it does best, breathing life into patients and into society. There are six awards, five of which can be nominated for:

We are hunting high and low for pharma’s best work, for pharma’s innovators and future leaders. Don’t let us miss you – ENQUIRE ABOUT THE 2018 AWARDS HERE

Nominations Open:

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Finalists Announced:

Winners Announced:
For European finalists 14-16th March 17, Barcelona - view the winners here
For North American finalists 20-21st April 17, Philadelphia

An unrivalled judging panel — be seen by the best!


Dirk Abeel

Hernan Barangan

Hernan Barangan
Cancer Rebellion

James Barlow

James Barlow
Imperial College Business School

Previous Winners



UCB, The Report Cards. Winner of The Most Valuable Patient Initiative, North America 2016. The 2016 eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards saw pharma’s top 20 companies compete across five categories with a huge range of patient and customer-centric innovations.Submissions for the Most Valuable Patient Initiative or Service Award included outstanding projects from Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer and Allergen rethinking possibilities around patient adherence, supply-chain quality and open-innovation.


Christi Shaw

Christi Shaw, former President US, Novartis Pharma. Winner of The Lifetime Achievement Award, North America 2016. With stiff competition from the leaders of Pfizer, Dimension Therapeutics and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Christi Shaw, the U.S. Country Head, President of Novartis emerged to win the Lifetime Achievement Award at the eyeforpharma awards 2016. The winner was selected by a free vote from the judges that included senior industry experts and patient advocates. Christi Shaw won for her consistent and determined approach to innovation, resilience and value creation over many years.