This year at Europe’s no.1 meeting place for market access, pricing, reimbursement & data professionals, delegates learn how to:

  • Bridge the gap: ensure a fully access-oriented strategy from clinical to commercial
  • Know your stakeholders: map your routes to market for seamless patient access
  • Prove your value: use data and innovative risk-sharing agreements for the reimbursement your portfolio deserves
  • Stay ahead of the market: expert updates on the future evolution of European health policy

2017 Speakers

  • Barbara Jaszewski
    Barbara JaszewskiVP Global Pricing & Market Access
  • Martin Price
    Martin PriceVP Health Economics, Market Access & Reimbursement
  • Dana Vigier
    Dana VigierVP Market Access and Government Affairs
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Michael Schroter
    Michael SchroterHead Personalised Reimbursement Models, Global Pricing & Market Access
  • Pilar Pinilla Dominguez
    Pilar Pinilla DominguezTechnical Adiser
    NICE Scientific Advice
  • Reg Waldeck
    Reg WaldeckVice President Access, Pricing and Health Economics
    Celldex Therapeutics
  • Simone Wyss
    Simone WyssHead EUCan GI Market Access
  • Pamela Bacon
    Pamela BaconExecutive Director Medical Affairs
  • Tay Salimullah
    Tay SalimullahGlobal Pricing & Market Access Director
  • Patrick Hopkinson
    Patrick HopkinsonExecutive Director Worldwide Health Economics and Outcomes Research
  • Marie Charlotte Le-Goff
    Marie Charlotte Le-GoffDirector Global Pricing & Market Access Oncology
  • Stefan Holmstrom
    Stefan Holmstrom Executive Director HEOR

The only market access meeting place you'll need to be at this year

It’s our mission to maximise patient access to great medicines – and to be rewarded for it. That mission is true whether you’re in market access, product development, clinical trials or if you’re a payer.

Here’s the new part. It’s also increasingly true whether you work in commercial, R&D or medical functions.

Market access has moved from a vertical unit into a way of life, a skillset that must be learned by every employee, a mantra that must echo through every corridor of your office.

In order to ensure that your patients get the right drug at the right time with the right outcome we must ensure, that from clinical commercial, all employees are focused on delivering this. 

This is where your job has changed radically. You are the earpiece to the payer, spreading these insights across the product pipeline ensuring that their desires are at the forefront of every plan and every initiative, accelarating access for your patients and achieving the reimbursement your drug deserves.

At eyeforpharma’s 2017 flagship access and pricing summit, we’ll show you how to adopt a new and harmonious market access culture. From clinical to commercial, access is now your ultimate goal.

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It’s time to stop thinking of your company’s departments as separate entities.

The major disconnect leading to a lack of reimbursement is the failure of development and market access teams to collaborate effectively. It’s time to pull them together to create a choir, singing in harmony, that’s focused on the ultimate goal of reimbursement.

And the tune they sing must be the melody of payers and stakeholders.

By spearheading a corporate culture of access, you’ll ensure that each part of your team remains focused on the key goal.

By understanding the requirements of payers and stakeholders and transmitting this knowledge across your pipeline, you’ll create the cross-functional structure needed to maximize reimbursement and meet the requirements of payers and HTAs.

That’s what Access Europe 2017 is going to teach you: how to use the tools and talent at your disposal to ensure that that every part of your organization focuses on the right goal. This harmony will deliver better products, better patient outcomes, and greater reimbursement for your development works.

Supporters and Attendees in 2016

  • AstraZeneca
    Catalan Health Service
  • celgene
    daiichi sankyo
  • novartis
  • teva
  • JAnssen

Our Track-Record of Proven Success

Conferences promise a lot - we know. Below are a few takeaways from the last year's Summit highlighting the valuable insights the attendees took away …

  • call our sessions essential
  • said they will likely return again next year
  • rated the program very well run

What our Delegates are saying

  • Bayer

    "This was one of the most relevant and comprehensive conferences, which I have attended in recent years. The speakers and meeting chairs were well selected."

    - Karel Mechelse, Market Access Strategy Leader, Bayer
  • Novartis

    "Well worth investing in... a place to exchange views and perspectives"

    - Frederic de Reydet, Global Market Access Director, Novartis
  • Eli-Lilly

    "An excellent representation of key European decision makers"

    - Myriam Zylberman, Senior Director - EU Payer Strategy, Eli Lilly
  • Janssen

    "A fascinating meeting of diverse speakers who outlined numerous themes around the need to prove the validity and trustworthiness of RWE, versus RCTs, with an emphasis on “real time” versus “real world”. Thank you eyeforpharma!"

    - Nigel Hughes, Global Director Marketing/ Health Information Technology Strategy Leader, Janssen

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  • Deloitte
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  • Evidera
  • Highpoint Solutions
  • Quintiles IMS

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